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      1. Ningbo Huajia Chemical Co., Ltd.
        Dept. No. 1
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                        Ningbo Huajia Chemical Co., Ltd.
            Add: 10th Floor, No.787 Baizhang East Road, Jiangdong District,
                      Ningbo, Zhejiang, China  P.C. 315040
          Dept. No.1 : +86-574-87065687, 87065627    

        Dept. No.2 : +86-574-87065686                          

          Dept. No.3 : +86-574-87065686                          
          Factory Products : +86-574-87065687, 87065628   
          Fax: +86-574-87065629
          Email: sales@huajiachem.cn
          URL: www.huajiachem.com.cn    www.zhbb8.com
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